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It would be always interesting to play detective games. Gaming is one of the best entertainments the person can have on daily basis. It helps the player to pass the time excitingly so they choose to play anywhere. The games like detective genre would be interesting as it includes a lot of process in the game. The gamer may have to play as a detective agent that finds the criminal with different sorts of things. The best of the detective agent games is that the player gets engaged in the game with complete involvement and there are many areas in the game that the player would have to face challenges that gives better experience for the player. The one of the best game in the detective theme is criminal case.

Release and development

The highlight of the game is that this game is played in Facebook. Obviously Facebook is the one of the most used and famous social media in which millions of users is active. The initial version of the game was released in Facebook and it has become more famous shortly. The plot, theme and the game play has attracted a lot of people and most of the gaming lovers have become addicted to this game. An iOS version of this game was later released after two years of its release in Facebook.

Shortly after the release in the iOS platform they game has become most played in iOS platform. The game is developed and released by French Indie studio Pretty Simple. The android version of this game is released in the year 2015 and it has become huge success because of the android users as like the Facebook users. Till this day most of the players are eager to play this game in Facebook than on other platforms.

The game criminal case is commonly called as CC in which the player has to find the murders and resolve the mystery. Players would enjoy this game as they love playing as detectives taking the murder case and probing it by identifying the clues from the crime scenes. Detective movies and TV series are much famous so this game also has become famous as the players relate themselves with the main detective of the TV serial and would get engaged in the game as hero.


In each clue in each scene the player will earn coins, energy and other benefits in the game. The one of the easiest way to earn coins and other major benefits in the game without much effort is to use criminal case cheats. Usually the players will send requests to the friends in the Facebook list to earn free energy. It is not sure that all the friends in the list would respond to it. So the best way is to use cheats that will add up energy for you and also you can earn more coins for free. It is beneficial to use cheats hence register for it immediately in online and acquire the codes.

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