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It would be always interesting to play detective games. Gaming is one of the best entertainments the person can have on daily basis. It helps the player to pass the time excitingly so they choose to play anywhere. The games like detective genre would be interesting as it includes a lot of process in the game. The gamer may have to play as a detective agent that finds the criminal with different sorts of things. The best of the detective agent games is that the player gets engaged in the game with complete involvement and there are many areas in the game that the player would have to face challenges that gives better experience for the player. The one of the best game in the detective theme is criminal case.

Release and development

The highlight of the game is that this game is played in Facebook. Obviously Facebook is the one of the most used and famous social media in which millions of users is active. The initial version of the game was released in Facebook and it has become more famous shortly. The plot, theme and the game play has attracted a lot of people and most of the gaming lovers have become addicted to this game. An iOS version of this game was later released after two years of its release in Facebook.

Shortly after the release in the iOS platform they game has become most played in iOS platform. The game is developed and released by French Indie studio Pretty Simple. The android version of this game is released in the year 2015 and it has become huge success because of the android users as like the Facebook users. Till this day most of the players are eager to play this game in Facebook than on other platforms.

The game criminal case is commonly called as CC in which the player has to find the murders and resolve the mystery. Players would enjoy this game as they love playing as detectives taking the murder case and probing it by identifying the clues from the crime scenes. Detective movies and TV series are much famous so this game also has become famous as the players relate themselves with the main detective of the TV serial and would get engaged in the game as hero.


In each clue in each scene the player will earn coins, energy and other benefits in the game. The one of the easiest way to earn coins and other major benefits in the game without much effort is to use criminal case cheats. Usually the players will send requests to the friends in the Facebook list to earn free energy. It is not sure that all the friends in the list would respond to it. So the best way is to use cheats that will add up energy for you and also you can earn more coins for free. It is beneficial to use cheats hence register for it immediately in online and acquire the codes.

Generate free energy using hack tool in criminal case game

Some kind of games would make the gamer addictive. There are many such games that attract the gamers to the core and take the most of the free time of the players. The main reason for such games is the creative developers that bring a complete game in each genre. Complete game means the game with perfect game play, astounding theme, spotless plot, well-structured game play, stunning graphic and excellent background score and sound effects.

Detective theme

Different kinds of games are there to play in different genre and the one of the best and thrilling games would be detective games. The detective themed games are increasingly famous because of the game play and the characterization. The game play will be based in the main theme which is detective theme to solve the mystery and the characterization would be like the main character of the game would be the player who resolves the mystery. The player will start to relate him or her with the famous detectives of TV serials and movies.

Solve mysteries

Actually it would be interesting to see the detective on screen finding the clues at the crime scenes, probing the murder in different dimensions and aspects, solving the case step by step and much more. Many movie lovers would get goose bumps in some of the scenes of the detective themed movies especially when the detective solves the mystery with multiple steps diligently. The same kind of experience would happen for the players if they play detective themed gaming. The one of best and all-time favorite detective themed games is Criminal Case which is commonly called as CC.

CC on Facebook

This game is initially released in Facebook and it turned to be huge success because of the huge population in Facebook. The player of this game would become the main character as detective who should solve the murder case using different clues. The clues will not be provider but has to be identified by the detective from the crime scene. The highlight of this game is the game play and it would be much interesting to play CC game, the finest detective themed game.

Coins and energy

The player will have to earn coins and also have to increase the energy so that the player will be able to withstand in the game till the end of the game. Surviving in the game with less energy is not possible and it requires hard work to earn coins and energy. The best way to earn unlimited coins and energy for free without hassles is to use criminal case free energy hack.

The instant energy hack will increase the energy levels. Get this hack from online to enjoy:

  • 20 points of energy for the orange juice
  • 50 points of energy for potato chips
  • 100 points of energy for Burger

The fact is that these energy levels are completely free for you if you use the hack tool. Download and install the hack tool to generate coins and free energy.  Always check whether the hack tool is virus free as there are some sites that offer free hack tools but virus infected tools.

Crack the mysterious truth for sneaking around

Many of us want to become the detective and we may not get chance to do that work. If you are one such person then awake the detective in you and you will be the best among the many. There are many characters for portraying yourself as the detective agent. Criminal case is one such game and you can be the winner of the game and can reach greater heights. These games are played with great ease since the game can give lot of entertainment and you can get the chance to win the game.

Become a detective agent

You can easily determine the capability of you with the help of these games. Every game will have its own hacks and cheats which has to be performed to be the winner of the game. Even in this game you can perform criminal case cheats and with the help of this you can earn some coins which is used to buy energy drink and to unlock the features which is used for proceeding in the game. Wake up the detective in you and enjoy the hacks in the game. This game is available in all smart phones.

Criminal case is available in both Android and iOS so it is platform independent. The social media websites like Facebook have the criminal case game and it is up to you to play the game with great ease. It has been one of the favorite games for many since its development. It has beaten most popular games and still continues to be the favorite game for many. Many website has the game and you can easily download it from any of the website. Before downloading makes sure that the website has the number of games that can be played with ease.

Get instant energy

Energy is used to sustain in the game and it depends on the player and the utilization of energy. The detective has to be efficient and energetic to find the criminal of the case. The story about the crime scene will be told to the player at the start of the game. With the energy available the player can easily proceed in the game. The player can also use criminal case cheats to proceed in the game. Only with the help of the energy the detective can sustain in the game otherwise they will have to use the energy drink or money to buy the drink.

The coin can be used for playing the game with great ease. If you can easily play the game then the game will become popular. You can use the real cash for buying the diamond and coins. With the help of these coins you can easily be the winner of the game. Once the game is played then you can easily be the winner of the game. If you are completing the specified task then you can move on to the next level of the game. If not the detective has to wait until the energy get filled and they can skip the level.

criminal case scientist

Unleash the potential detective within you

It is never too late to start playing the game and you can easily be the winner of the game if you are able to know the hacks of the game. With the help of simple tricks you can easily hack the game and can be the best detective. Criminal case is the popular game that is supported in all the mobile platform and you can be the best detective. The character can be chosen from the one that is present in the game. The characters can be customized with the help of these games which will be helpful for the user.

Get the energy drinks

Criminal case game purely depends on the coins of the player which can be used for getting better benefits out of it. Once you are running out of coins don’t worry you will have to use criminal case free energy to sustain in the game. Get benefited from the free energy that is provided in the game. You can proceed in the game of fun and entertainment with the help of free energy that is provided. The hack generator will help you to hack the free energy which is required for playing the game easily.

To advance in the game you will have to use some extra energy. With every task you are completing you will be able to gain extra energy and if you have completed a mission then the energy gets filled. The energy should be digging out from the graveyard of the case. Each case will be different and you will have to use different strategies to proceed in the game. When you have coins then you can buy the juice from the store. Each juice will have its own benefits and you can easily advance in the game.

Unlock different episodes

There are different episodes in the game and you can proceed to the next level using coins and energy. Abundance number of coins will be required for playing the game without any interruption. More and more benefits can be earned from the game if you are able to play the game. The right crime scene can be found using the luck cards and by combining the cards you can complete a single task. Daily bonus is the added advantage of the game using which you can easily win extra energy for playing the game.

With the help of hacker generator you can easily get criminal case free energy and can proceed in the game. The hidden mysteries of the game can be played with ease only if the player is able to play the game. These games are played with ease and you can be the winner of the game. In order to win the game the player has to use some tricks and tips for getting to the next level. There are unlimited episodes in the game and it can be unlocked only with the help of clever gameplay and the energy taken by the player for proceeding through the different levels of the game.

criminal case detective

We need shortcuts even for simple games

Gaming is the one best trend and relaxation that hasn’t changed from the early days till date the olden days of gaming were playing games in the house and in the neighborhood friends but it was games that had complete physical involvement and later as technology grew in the world gaming also was a part of the evolution of technology and also evolved and brought in the video games and then came in the development of gaming consoles but the best games were mostly developed in China and Korea as they had the best graphical designing game developers though the game idea I from the other parts of the world the games are mostly developed in china as the man power is also so cheap.



Current day gaming:

In the current day world the games that are welcomed mostly are graphical and also must involve adventure and action in it and the game developers also develop such games for people in the world and gamers want such kind of games to be launched o that they can play and the researchers have come to a term that says that video games have blocked the physical activity of the gamer so giving them adventure and action would increase their brain activity that in terms have the blood flow increase giving the accelerated blood flow as of a physical gamer but many say it’s a rumor.

But though it’s a rumor the current day game developers develop such games filled with thrill in it and not just in PC games as nowadays gamers are most prone to play the games on their smartphones as it has become an all in one device where it also acts as a gaming console. One of the best thrill adventure games that is popular in the recent days of the smartphone gaming is the game named criminal case.

We never leave shortcuts:

This criminal case game is a game that we take the perspective of a detective cop and the main objective is to interrogate a criminal case it could be a murder or bank robbery or any criminal case and have to  solve it and for solving each case we get rewarded but the cases aren’t so easy to solve but the main objective of the game developers is to develop such a game so that the gamer uses his mind to think and work out of the case but we people always do not think of solving the case but taking the game as just a game try to find cheats hacks and tips to win the game.

And to get the shortcut gamers search online for criminal case hacks,criminal case cheats and all the other ways rather than going the direct way of playing the game and this has become a fashion as there are game hackers who break into the game and also find the cheats and the hacks and they don’t stop there they give it openly in the public websites this the reason gamers who want to game properly when stuck in some game level they search and do find the criminal case cheats hacks and tips as well.


The most exciting game that takes you to next level of gaming

It would be exciting to play the games that engages the gamer and makes the gamer to become the main character in the game. Taking a role and participating in action would give goose bumps for the players as they take such games as if happening in the real world. Such games in the virtual world take the player to the core entertainment get the player to want for more. Lead role in a thrilling game will give most entertaining experience for the gamer as he or she will completely get engaged. Such games bring the best from the player and make them go crazy for gaming. One of the best games is CC otherwise called as criminal case in which you have to be a detective.


4 Seasons and 28 Episodes

Being a detective in the game you have to take the criminal case in your hand to start probing to find the reason for the murder and the criminal behind it. What a thrilling experience to find the criminal with extended probing. Stage by stage it will be interesting to take the action and to stay away from the attacks from the antagonist. Many players who started to play this game have become ardent fan of it hence travelled to many seasons and episodes. 4 seasons have come so far with 28 episodes. This game has been famous from 2012 to till date and it is being the one of the most played game in iOS and Android platform.

Get ready to rock with your detective skills because as you start playing this game you will start seeing your detective identity and you will bring out your hidden potentials.

  • You have to dig the grave yard
  • Search for different persons
  • Have to travel in different avatars

It is necessary to pretend in different identity to find the criminal. Energy level is important in the game because level after level as the scenario changes, you would find that your energy level is down. Cheer up!!! You can up your energy levels in criminal case energy through criminal case free energy.

Coins and cash

The benefits in the game such as cash and coins are important in the game for you to reach or advance to next levels. You don’t have to do anything in the game with cash and coins in the criminal case you handle. When you are out of cash and could not move to next level because of lack of cash and coins then use criminal case hack, so that you can get as much criminal case cash as you want without any efforts.

Use Cheat instead of hack

The criminal case coins and the cash generated using the game hack will be added to your game account. You can access the cash and coins from the game account as per your need. The hack is a tool which will be installed in your compute or you can access it directly from the game hack site but when it comes to criminal case cheat you will find it convenient as there is no chance for virus infection but there will be in the other case.


It’s time to you to unleash your skills that gives thrilling experience

If the gamer gets the chance to become the center of attraction in the game then he would have exciting experience especially in the games that gives heroic experience. For this reason, many gamers choose to play thrilling games, adventurous games, superhero games, shooting games and other related games. Taking the main character finding the thief or thrashing the attackers and protecting the city or conquering the other cities or playing the main role of the game as a detective would give thrilling and exciting experience for the gamer. One of such game where the hidden detective skills are unleashed is criminal case.

Criminal case

It is time for you to identify your detective identity and to start your action. The hidden hero in your nature starts to take charge and you will have amazing experience playing this game. The criminal case game is otherwise called as CC in short, came to existence from 2012 and it is available for the iOS and android users. From the release till this date, this game is being one of the most exciting games that surpasses all other games even the recent games. Being a detective and finding the criminal after taking the criminal case would be interesting for you and the extraordinary gaming experience is guaranteed.

Hack generator

As you play the game you will have to upgrade energy levels and earn coin so that you can continue to play. Due to various reasons in the game you may have to lose the energy levels and also you will not have enough coins. If you have come to such a situation, you don’t have to give up because you can have criminal case hack that unleashes coins and energy levels that you need but the fact is you can get as much as. Extra energy and extra coins would be much useful for you in the game through criminal case generator. Get as much as energy in each level using criminal case energy.

Being a detective in the game you should have to dig the grave of the person for probing so that you can find the plot and get proper details.

  • 20 points of energy will be provided through orange juice
  • 20 points of energy will be provided through potato chips and
  • 100 points of energy for burger

Most importantly you have to upgrade your detective skills which you can do by earning coins. It will not be possible for you to upgrade your detective skills as per your condition in the game if you run out of coins and cash. In such case you can use criminal case coins and criminal case cash which will earn coins for you in such a way that coins will be added to your gaming account. Using these coins you can

  • Customize avatar
  • Utilize police dogs

On the other side of criminal case gaming experience you would need energy levels so that you can continue to find the hidden truths otherwise you will not be successful in the game. Use criminal case free energy to up the energy whenever you need it.

criminal case detective

Earn free coins and cash for solving your case

Earn free coins and cash for solving your case

More than 100 million players are playing criminal case in all their gadgets or in social networks. If you are one among them then you will be in need of more cash and coins for getting your case to higher levels. To improvise your level of gaming, most of the best websites provide criminal case generator which can provide all your needs in the gaming. The game is designed by many of the professional gamers and the game has got a good hit between all ages of gamers.



Earn your cash

Simply you need not clear any daily bonus or spend time waiting for wheel of fortune. You can get upgraded with many coins and cash with instant access to many of the websites. The coins and cash will help the gamer to actively play the game without any issues. The gamers can get instant coins and cash. The gamer have to select some of the best websites for criminal case coins and enter the amount of coins which the player is in need of and within few minutes of time, the coins will be credited into the player’s account. To get more and more cash, the player can use the same technique to earn criminal case cash.
Fill your energy

It is common in all games with avatars to possess some amounts of energy. If energy is out, then the player cannot play. To get instant energy in criminal case, the player will be in need of orange juice for earning 20 points of energy. A pack of potato chips will give 50 points of energy which is the moderate level of energy. A burger can give 100 points of energy which is the maximum points of energy. A player can simply get all these criminal case free energy without any struggles by logging with some of the best websites. The free energy given by these websites will help players to keep on solving many levels of mystery.


Be aware

There are many real and reel websites out there which can really give you coins or squeeze out all your data. Be aware of choosing the website which you are in need of. With some genuine websites, your job for filling energy levels and your coins levels can be fulfilled. Make sure that you are getting connected with good websites.

Criminal case is a game which was launched in 2012 and from the day of launch they have got best players for their game. Explore that game and keep on playing the game to get experienced with some of the detecting skills. Let your detecting skills to get improved into different level. The criminal case cheat will help to bring out the gamer inside you. Gamers who are trying this game are not getting bored at all. Play the game without any issues regarding low cash and coins or some of the low levels of energy; just unleash your skill of finding the truth behind every episodes of criminal case.




criminalcase in game capture

Become the real detective to clear the case files

Become the real detective to clear the case files

The skill of being a detective is well clear and people need to discover that when they have a liking for playing such kinds of detective games. One such special game for finding the mystery is Criminal Case which was released in 2012 and now it has been spreading like Zika break out between all ages of people. The game is so thrilling and makes the player get lost into the reel world of cases. But players get little disappointment when they are running out of cash and coins. To enhance their playing levels, here comes the criminal case generator which has caused greatest revolution in games of criminal case.

Get hike in energy levels

The player really needs some energy to play the game. What we do for increasing our energy levels in evenings? Munch some potato snacks with dipped hot tomato sauces. That really sounds delicious snacks and tastes too. You can simply make that happen in criminal case too. To improve energy levels your avatar will need something like

  • Orange juice
  • Potato chips
  • Burger

All these food stuffs have got some of the energy points which help your avatar to stick with the game. Many genuine websites generate criminal case free energy which will the player quite interesting levels of energy to play the game with extra energy. The criminal case energy generator is actually free of cost and players at any time can access the best websites to fill up their energy levels.

Need some cash?

If you are hitting on various episodes of the game, then you will be in need of more cash and coins. Just use some of the coins and cash to get improved in levels of gaming. Make sure that the game goes interesting with all new cash and coin which you have earned. This criminal case cash is really so useful for getting into new cases and solving many of the cases. Clearing of the lab reports and customizing your avatar. Just enter the amount of money which you are currently in need of and get upgraded with money in few minutes.


Free and stay from threat

Choose some of the best websites which are ready to provide some of the best cash and coin offers with no cost. There are many fake generators but the player must be careful in choosing the right website which offers criminal case coins in short period of time. Some of the best websites can provide you enough money within short time because expert professionals will be behind those genuine websites to provide you best gaming experience. The initial aim of the free generators is to encourage players in various levels and enhance their playing skills.

Make sure you are using the right arena to create a customized get up for your avatar and making it perfect. The cash and coins of criminal case will take your detective style to next levels and improve your skills of identifying the truth behind the muddy mysteries.