Crack the mysterious truth for sneaking around

Many of us want to become the detective and we may not get chance to do that work. If you are one such person then awake the detective in you and you will be the best among the many. There are many characters for portraying yourself as the detective agent. Criminal case is one such game and you can be the winner of the game and can reach greater heights. These games are played with great ease since the game can give lot of entertainment and you can get the chance to win the game.

Become a detective agent

You can easily determine the capability of you with the help of these games. Every game will have its own hacks and cheats which has to be performed to be the winner of the game. Even in this game you can perform criminal case cheats and with the help of this you can earn some coins which is used to buy energy drink and to unlock the features which is used for proceeding in the game. Wake up the detective in you and enjoy the hacks in the game. This game is available in all smart phones.

Criminal case is available in both Android and iOS so it is platform independent. The social media websites like Facebook have the criminal case game and it is up to you to play the game with great ease. It has been one of the favorite games for many since its development. It has beaten most popular games and still continues to be the favorite game for many. Many website has the game and you can easily download it from any of the website. Before downloading makes sure that the website has the number of games that can be played with ease.

Get instant energy

Energy is used to sustain in the game and it depends on the player and the utilization of energy. The detective has to be efficient and energetic to find the criminal of the case. The story about the crime scene will be told to the player at the start of the game. With the energy available the player can easily proceed in the game. The player can also use criminal case cheats to proceed in the game. Only with the help of the energy the detective can sustain in the game otherwise they will have to use the energy drink or money to buy the drink.

The coin can be used for playing the game with great ease. If you can easily play the game then the game will become popular. You can use the real cash for buying the diamond and coins. With the help of these coins you can easily be the winner of the game. Once the game is played then you can easily be the winner of the game. If you are completing the specified task then you can move on to the next level of the game. If not the detective has to wait until the energy get filled and they can skip the level.

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