The most exciting game that takes you to next level of gaming

It would be exciting to play the games that engages the gamer and makes the gamer to become the main character in the game. Taking a role and participating in action would give goose bumps for the players as they take such games as if happening in the real world. Such games in the virtual world take the player to the core entertainment get the player to want for more. Lead role in a thrilling game will give most entertaining experience for the gamer as he or she will completely get engaged. Such games bring the best from the player and make them go crazy for gaming. One of the best games is CC otherwise called as criminal case in which you have to be a detective.


4 Seasons and 28 Episodes

Being a detective in the game you have to take the criminal case in your hand to start probing to find the reason for the murder and the criminal behind it. What a thrilling experience to find the criminal with extended probing. Stage by stage it will be interesting to take the action and to stay away from the attacks from the antagonist. Many players who started to play this game have become ardent fan of it hence travelled to many seasons and episodes. 4 seasons have come so far with 28 episodes. This game has been famous from 2012 to till date and it is being the one of the most played game in iOS and Android platform.

Get ready to rock with your detective skills because as you start playing this game you will start seeing your detective identity and you will bring out your hidden potentials.

  • You have to dig the grave yard
  • Search for different persons
  • Have to travel in different avatars

It is necessary to pretend in different identity to find the criminal. Energy level is important in the game because level after level as the scenario changes, you would find that your energy level is down. Cheer up!!! You can up your energy levels in criminal case energy through criminal case free energy.

Coins and cash

The benefits in the game such as cash and coins are important in the game for you to reach or advance to next levels. You don’t have to do anything in the game with cash and coins in the criminal case you handle. When you are out of cash and could not move to next level because of lack of cash and coins then use criminal case hack, so that you can get as much criminal case cash as you want without any efforts.

Use Cheat instead of hack

The criminal case coins and the cash generated using the game hack will be added to your game account. You can access the cash and coins from the game account as per your need. The hack is a tool which will be installed in your compute or you can access it directly from the game hack site but when it comes to criminal case cheat you will find it convenient as there is no chance for virus infection but there will be in the other case.


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