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We need shortcuts even for simple games

Gaming is the one best trend and relaxation that hasn’t changed from the early days till date the olden days of gaming were playing games in the house and in the neighborhood friends but it was games that had complete physical involvement and later as technology grew in the world gaming also was a part of the evolution of technology and also evolved and brought in the video games and then came in the development of gaming consoles but the best games were mostly developed in China and Korea as they had the best graphical designing game developers though the game idea I from the other parts of the world the games are mostly developed in china as the man power is also so cheap.



Current day gaming:

In the current day world the games that are welcomed mostly are graphical and also must involve adventure and action in it and the game developers also develop such games for people in the world and gamers want such kind of games to be launched o that they can play and the researchers have come to a term that says that video games have blocked the physical activity of the gamer so giving them adventure and action would increase their brain activity that in terms have the blood flow increase giving the accelerated blood flow as of a physical gamer but many say it’s a rumor.

But though it’s a rumor the current day game developers develop such games filled with thrill in it and not just in PC games as nowadays gamers are most prone to play the games on their smartphones as it has become an all in one device where it also acts as a gaming console. One of the best thrill adventure games that is popular in the recent days of the smartphone gaming is the game named criminal case.

We never leave shortcuts:

This criminal case game is a game that we take the perspective of a detective cop and the main objective is to interrogate a criminal case it could be a murder or bank robbery or any criminal case and have to  solve it and for solving each case we get rewarded but the cases aren’t so easy to solve but the main objective of the game developers is to develop such a game so that the gamer uses his mind to think and work out of the case but we people always do not think of solving the case but taking the game as just a game try to find cheats hacks and tips to win the game.

And to get the shortcut gamers search online for criminal case hacks,criminal case cheats and all the other ways rather than going the direct way of playing the game and this has become a fashion as there are game hackers who break into the game and also find the cheats and the hacks and they don’t stop there they give it openly in the public websites this the reason gamers who want to game properly when stuck in some game level they search and do find the criminal case cheats hacks and tips as well.


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