It’s time to you to unleash your skills that gives thrilling experience

If the gamer gets the chance to become the center of attraction in the game then he would have exciting experience especially in the games that gives heroic experience. For this reason, many gamers choose to play thrilling games, adventurous games, superhero games, shooting games and other related games. Taking the main character finding the thief or thrashing the attackers and protecting the city or conquering the other cities or playing the main role of the game as a detective would give thrilling and exciting experience for the gamer. One of such game where the hidden detective skills are unleashed is criminal case.

Criminal case

It is time for you to identify your detective identity and to start your action. The hidden hero in your nature starts to take charge and you will have amazing experience playing this game. The criminal case game is otherwise called as CC in short, came to existence from 2012 and it is available for the iOS and android users. From the release till this date, this game is being one of the most exciting games that surpasses all other games even the recent games. Being a detective and finding the criminal after taking the criminal case would be interesting for you and the extraordinary gaming experience is guaranteed.

Hack generator

As you play the game you will have to upgrade energy levels and earn coin so that you can continue to play. Due to various reasons in the game you may have to lose the energy levels and also you will not have enough coins. If you have come to such a situation, you don’t have to give up because you can have criminal case hack that unleashes coins and energy levels that you need but the fact is you can get as much as. Extra energy and extra coins would be much useful for you in the game through criminal case generator. Get as much as energy in each level using criminal case energy.

Being a detective in the game you should have to dig the grave of the person for probing so that you can find the plot and get proper details.

  • 20 points of energy will be provided through orange juice
  • 20 points of energy will be provided through potato chips and
  • 100 points of energy for burger

Most importantly you have to upgrade your detective skills which you can do by earning coins. It will not be possible for you to upgrade your detective skills as per your condition in the game if you run out of coins and cash. In such case you can use criminal case coins and criminal case cash which will earn coins for you in such a way that coins will be added to your gaming account. Using these coins you can

  • Customize avatar
  • Utilize police dogs

On the other side of criminal case gaming experience you would need energy levels so that you can continue to find the hidden truths otherwise you will not be successful in the game. Use criminal case free energy to up the energy whenever you need it.

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